Privett Village Hall

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Committee Meeting

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 6th November 2020

NB: This meeting was held via Zoom to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.

As well as the Nursery using the Hall some Yoga classes and Band practice sessions had been held all complying with the Covid-19 restrictions in force at the time. It was agreed that during the November lockdown only the Nursery would use the Hall. Yoga will continue via Zoom.

The PVH Walk had gone ahead on 5th September with 22 people and some dogs taking part. Others joined later for soup and bread in the Hall grounds. This event was a welcome opportunity for people to meet up while outside and socially distanced.

After other options had been explored with no resolution, Tom Morgan (nephew of Bridget) agreed to take over maintenance of the website, fees to be agreed. Transition of the control of the website from Elliot Maginnis to Tom Morgan to be progressed.

It was agreed that Veronica could install a partially removable fence to the north side of the Hall to prevent children running into the car park unobserved. Veronica had replaced the old wooden shed with a larger metal shed for storage of Nursery outdoor equipment.

The Committee had completed the Summer Clean of the Hall and painted the exterior cladding, excluding the large north end wall as long ladders were required.

The Silks had replaced the chestnut fence on the roadside boundaries.

It was agreed that Procedures would be updated once life was back to normal! Options for proceeding with the Wreath Making in December were discussed and a possible walk on January 2nd but no firm plans were made due to Covid-19.

Summary of the AGM held on 9th October 2020

This meeting was chaired by Teresa Brown as Graham Flack was self-isolating.

Teresa explained that this AGM was the formal meeting that had been deferred from 24th April 2020 due to Covid-19 restrictions. An AGM is required by the Charity Commission. Attendance at this meeting had not been encouraged due to the need for social distancing, however copies of the papers relevant to the meeting had been made available to local people via email and WhatsApp groups. Questions and comments had been solicited.

Ian Hughes, Treasurer, reported that the Accounts and Trustees’ Report for the year ended 31st December 2019 had been circulated. The accounts had been independently examined by Christine Stephens who had given an unqualified Independent Examiner’s statement. The Hall is in a healthy financial position which has enabled £3,000 to be put into the fund to provide for future improvement and major refurbishment.

The Chairman’s report highlighted the change in ownership of the Montessori Nursery in 2020. (More information under recent news on the website).

There were no resignations from the Committee. The following officers were elected:

Chairman Graham Flack
Minutes Secretary Bridget Kindler
Booking Secretary Gill Chung
Treasurer Ian Hughes
Independent Examiner of the Accounts Christine Stephens

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 3rd August 2020

NB: This meeting was held in the grounds of the Hall to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.

Veronica Van Ingen, the new owner of the Montessori Nursery, and her deputy Sarah Hawkins were introduced to the Committee. Several aspects of the working relationship between the Nursery and the Village Hall Committee were discussed and the way forward agreed. Plans were made for Veronica to prepare the Hall ready to open the Nursery in September, Covid-19 permitting.

It was agreed that the AGM, which had been postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions, should be held on 9th October. It would go ahead with no social content just the formal aspects of an AGM.

Ian presented the Financial report including the draft accounts for the first half of 2020. The Hall’s financial position had benefitted from a £10,000 government grant to cover reduced income due to Covid-19.

The impact of Covid-19 on the use of the Hall and Village Hall Events was discussed. It was agreed that the Hall should really only be used by the Nursery who would take responsibility for ensuring compliance with Government Guidance.

Julia Maginnis joined the meeting to explain that her son Elliot could no longer maintain the Village Hall website, in fact it had not been maintained for the last year as no changes had been requested. It was agreed that the Hall needed a website and someone should be found to maintain it.

Quotations were to be obtained for replacement of the roadside exterior fence. Plans were made to paint the exterior cladding of the Hall and carry out basic cleaning over the summer.

Because of Covid -19 restriction being in force for the major part of 2020 no Village Hall Events were held and very few Committee meetings.

However, several ‘Special’ meetings were held associated with the sale of the Montessori Nursery which is the main Licensee of the Hall. There were meetings about the handling of the Expressions of Interest, selection of the new Licensee and the terms of the Licence that should be offered.

These meetings resulted in Veronica Van Ingen signing a Licence for the September 2020 to July 2021 academic year.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 20th February 2020

The Wreath Making was a great success. About 60 people attended the Local History Project and Cheese Tasting evening which included a variety of short music and drama entertainments. The Kind Hearts and Coronets film evening was also a success although only 30 people attended.

Ian Hughes explained the Privett Churchyard Project to the Committee. Everyone was very supportive of this initiative to open up the overgrown churchyard.

Ian circulated the draft Trustees’ Report for the year to end December 2019 and associated Financial Accounts. The Accounts were approved by the Committee. Ian then circulated the draft Budget for 2020 which was discussed.

Ian explained that Zoe Haddaway, Energy Consultant from Utility Aid, had recommended we renew the electricity contract with SSE for a 4 year term. This was approved by the Committee.

The Committee were informed that Kate Pritchard planned to retire at the end of the current academic year and sell the Montessori Nursery School business. The impact of this was discussed in some detail.

Outline plans were made for all the events for 2020 starting with the Film Night on 14th March. The next meeting was scheduled for 17th April 2020.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 4th December 2019

Graham had been in contact with Nick Drew about the improvements to the surface of the layby outside the Hall but to date no action has been agreed.

Plans were finalised for the Christmas Wreath Making and the Social History Project Evening which is to include Cheese Tasting.

The Community Infrastructure Levy Fund was explained and possible PVH projects that might be funded were discussed.

It was agreed that efforts should be made to attract new Committee members.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 21st October 2019

Various small maintenance tasks were discussed as well as the need to update some of the Policy Documents, Risk Assessments and the Three Year Business Plan.

The Harvest Supper was a great success, funds benefited from some very special raffle prizes that had been donated.

The film show planned for 16th November has had to be postponed till February 2020 as the projectionist is unwell and there is no replacement.

The Privett Social History Project was described by Ian and plans made for its Kick-off event on 11th January 2020. The initial objective of the project is to identify all the people on the three historical group photos hanging in the Hall.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 12th September 2019

Conflicts of Interest for two members of the Committee were discussed. The conflict related to plans for a Nursery at Froxfield Village Hall which could be in competition with the Nursery at Privett Village Hall. This resulted in Rob Hollis stepping down from the Committee temporarily.

The Nursery Licence for the next academic year had been signed. The car park trees had been cut back and the surface of the road side of the car park had been improved. The annual Summer Cleaning had been completed by the Committee.

Ian presented the half year accounts which showed an excess of income over expenditure of £2,648 about half of which will cover the carpark improvements.

Charges for events were discussed and it was agreed that the current flexible approach should continue with adjustments to entry fees being made at the discretion of the Committee. All events make a profit so ticket prices do not need to be increased.

Plans were made for the Harvest Supper in October and the Film Night in November.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 13th June 2019

The Committee agreed the Nursery Licence Fee for September 2019 to July 2020. Various members of the Committee agreed to take on updating the Hall Procedures and Business Plan.

It was agreed that the trees overhanging the car park should be cut back and the edge of the car park resurfaced. The annual Summer Cleaning of the Hall was scheduled for the week of 22nd July, Committee members agreed the tasks they could undertake.

Plans were made for the BBQ in July and Harvest Supper in October.

Ian Hughes proposed the idea of a Social History Project. It was agreed this should be launched in January 2020.

Summary of the AGM held on 27th April 2019

Graham Flack welcomed the 30 attendees many of whom had come for the Curry Night which followed after the short formal AGM!

Ian Hughes, Treasurer, circulated the Accounts and Trustees’ Report for the year ended 31st December 2018 and reported that the accounts had been examined by Christine Stephens who had signed them off. 2018 had been a year of consolidation resulting in a small surplus.

The Chairman said his first year had been a steep learning curve. The usual successful events had been held which showed a modest profit which enabled sufficient funds to cover essential maintenance including replacing the hot water cylinder.

Graham congratulated Teresa on her East Hampshire Volunteer Award and the Churches Conservation Trust’s Fundraising Volunteer of the Year Award. He also brought people’s attention to the defibrillator in the porch and the new signs.

Emma Baldock and Pam Underwood resigned from the Committee. Melanie Wright and Gill Martin joined the Committee.

The following officers were elected:
Chairman Graham Flack
Minutes Secretary Bridget Kindler
Booking Secretary Gill Chung
Treasurer Ian Hughes
Independent Examiner of the Accounts Christine Stephens

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 4th April 2019

The Film Night on 9th March was a great success, 48 people enjoyed watching Bohemian Rhapsody and eating Goulash.

Preparations were made for the AGM to be held on 27th April. The Treasurer reported that the new HSBC Bank account was now operational and funds had been transferred from CAF Bank.

The Committee approved expenditure on a new reflective Privett Village Hall sign.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 18th February 2019

The Committee congratulated Teresa on being awarded The Churches Conservation Trust‘s Fundraising Volunteer of the Year for her organisation of the Flower Festival in Privett Church.

The Winter Walk was enjoyed by 30 people and several dogs. A highlight was the visit to the Church in the Wood at Bramdean Common where Trustee, James Stanley, explained the history and current use of the Church.

The defibrillator training, given by Saving Lives on 4th February, was attended by 28 people and much appreciated.

Progress with various small maintenance tasks was reviewed as well as the regular update of some of the Standard Procedures and the Charity Commission records.

Plans were made for the Film Show on 9th March and the AGM and Curry Night on 27th April.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 11 January 2019

The Film Show on 3 November was attended by about 60 people who enjoyed the film The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and also various pies provided. The Christmas Wreath Making was also a great success.

At the East Hampshire Volunteer Award Ceremony on 8 November Teresa Brown received an award for which she had been nominated by the Committee. Teresa came second in the category for ‘Special Contribution’.  

The new hot water immersion cylinder had been installed over the Christmas period.

The Finance report and draft accounts for 2018 clarified that all events had produced a surplus, in total £2955. The major expenditures were £781 for the replacement of the misted up double glazed windows and £1022 for the new hot water cylinder. As planned £5000 had been transferred to the Long Term Building Fund. The new HSBC bank account is in operation and the CAF deposit account had been closed, the CAF current account would be closed soon.

The Winter Walk on 19 January was planned. It was confirmed that James Stanley  a trustee of the Church In the  Wood at Bramdean would open the Church and describe its history and current role. Other future events were discussed including Defibrillator Training planned for 4 February and the next Film evening.

Committee Member changes were discussed in preparation for the AGM on 27 April. Bridget would like to hand over the role of Secretary once a replacement had been identified. It was decided that something should be put in the Parish Magazine encouraging new Committee Members to come forward.

General maintenance work planned included clearing leaves from the gutters, car park and grass areas and painting the wall in the lobby where the hot water cylinder had leaked a bit. Cutting back the trees over the car park and improving the surface of the car park along the roadside edge are being planned.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 23 October 2018

The Defibrillator has been installed in the Hall porch, training is being organised by the Parish Clerk.

The Harvest Supper was well attended, as usual the food was excellent.

The maintenance items raised by the Nursery have been resolved except cutting back the trees in the car park for which a quote has been received. The piano has been tuned.

The hot water immersion cylinder is leaking slightly and must be replaced. Graham had obtained quotations for various size cylinders. A decision was made on the size and the expenditure approved so that work can go ahead.
Material to improve the road side of the car park will probably be organised in conjunction with Jason Silk.

Teresa Brown will receive an East Hants Volunteer award.

Vickie Kemp explained to Teresa the assistance and support available from Action Hampshire and Community First. Links with these groups are to be more firmly established.

Detailed plans were made for the Film Show on 3 November, Wreath Making on 1 December and a Winter Walk on 19 January 2019.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 20 September 2018

The Committee had all contributed to the ‘Spring Cleaning’ of the Hall during the Summer Holidays. The Barbeque was well attended and a great community event.

Ian Hughes circuited the Half Year Accounts to end June 2018 and draft Three Year Plan and updated 2018 Budget. The intention is to transfer £5,000 to the Long Term Building Fund this year.

Plans were made for the Harvest Supper on 29 September and the Film Show on 3 November.

The Nursery requested permission to replace their shed, repair the ground around the sandpit and hang a new photo frame in the Hall. They also asked that the trees overhanging the car park be cut back in the winter and the fridge door seal improved.

It was agreed that the Committee should nominate Teresa Brown for the East Hants Volunteer Award 2018.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 3 July 2018

Rob Hollis was welcomed to the Committee.
Philip Chung has designed a Privett Village Hall Logo that will be used in the Parish Magazine to denote Privett Village Hall news.

Detailed plans were agreed for the Barbeque on 15 July and the date of Saturday 29 September set for the Harvest Supper.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 3 July 2018

The Treasurer, Ian Hughes, reported that the transfer of the Hall bank accounts to HSBC was still progressing slowly.

Teresa Brown reported that she had set up a “Village Group” which will make it easier to contact everyone via email and notify them of events etc.

Responsibilities and procedures relating to the defibrillator are yet to be clarified by the Parish Clerk. 

The annual Hall cleaning was planned for the week of 13th August.

Detailed plans were made for the BBQ on 15th July the date of 29th September fixed for the Harvest Supper.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 29 May 2018

The Treasurer, Ian Hughes, reported that there had been a meeting with HSBC on 28 March and the transfer of the Hall bank accounts to HSBC was progressing slowly.

The Montessori Licence for 2018-19 has been signed by both parties.
Ian and Fiona Hughes have donated a warming cupboard to the Hall.
The Hall logo, designed by Philip Chung, will be used in the Parish magazine from June onwards.

The Curry Night, held following the AGM, was a great success as was the Dawn Chorus Walk. Teresa reported that the Flower Festival in aid of repairs to Privett Church raised in excess of £6,000.  Pat Sadler and Jan Topping were commended on their floral display on behalf of Privett Village Hall.

The various responsibilities of Committee members were reviewed following Teresa’s resignation as Chairman. Graham Flack agreed to take on all the Chairman specific responsibilities, Gill Chung took on responsibility for coordination of attendees at events and Emma Baldock took on responsibility for coordination of provision of food at events.  Teresa agreed to provide specific handover and assistance as required to effect these changes.

Simon Walsha has contracted to cut the Hall grass on a regular basis.
The defibrillator has been installed at the Hall. Gill and Bridget have agreed to be contact points but full details of the processes involved are being clarified by the Parish Clerk. 

Summary of the Annual General Meeting held on 28 April 2018

The AGM was attended by about 40 people and the following Curry Night was enjoyed by a few more!
The Treasurer, Ian Hughes, explained that 2017 had been a year of consolidation and £4,000 had been set aside for future improvements to the Hall as well as a similar amount added to the Long Term Building Fund. Ian reported that the 2017 accounts had been accepted by Christine Stephens the Independent Examiner. The accounts were formally accepted by the meeting. 

Teresa Brown gave the Chairman’s report and explained that she was retiring as Chairman but would stay on the Committee. Teresa was thanked for her very significant contribution to the effectiveness of the Committee and the success of the Hall over many years.

Sally Church and Cameron Fidler resigned from the Committee and Robert Hollis agreed to join the Committee.

The following Officers were elected:
Chairman - Graham Flack
Minutes Secretary – Bridget Kindler
Booking Secretary – Gill Chung
Treasurer – Ian Hughes
Independent Examiner of Accounts – Christine Stephens

Special Meeting on 31 March 2018

A Special meeting was held to authorise the planned transfer of the Privett Village Hall bank accounts from CAF Bank to HSBC. 

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 26 March 2018

At half term Cloudy2Clear replaced the misted up windows as agreed and the front fence was repaired.
The Montessori Licence Fee for 2018/2019 was agreed by the Committee.

Plans were made for the AGM and Curry Night on 28 April and the Dawn Chorus Walk on May 7th. The Church Flower Festival on the weekend of 25 to 27 May was discussed and it was reported that Pat Sadler and Jan Topping were working on a display for Privett Village Hall.

Frank Mayell is retiring and a new contractor is required to cut the Hall grass.
It was reported that money raised by Howard Bevis would be used for defibrillators to be installed at Froxfield and Privett Village Halls. 

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 29 January 2018

The Film night on 13 January 2018 was attended by 67 people who enjoyed the film LION. It was agreed that a donation should be made to an appropriate Indian children’s charity.

The Treasurer reported that the 2017 accounts show an income of £10,800 against expenditure of almost £7,000 enabling £3,000 to be moved to the Long Term Building Fund. The intention is to move the Hall accounts from CAF Bank to HSBC to reduce/remove banking charges.

It was agreed that rental of the Hall for teenage parties should be restricted to parties for sons and daughters of local families.

Detailed plans were made for the next event which is the Saturday Night Fever Party on 10 February.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 7 December 2017

The Film Night and Whisky Tasting organised by Rob Hollis was attended by 60 people and a great success. The next Film Night on 13th January 2018 was planned.

The new lights have been installed and several different lighting effects are now possible. A Mega Mouth PA System has been purchased. 

Following a detailed estimate from Cloudy2Clear it was agreed that they should be asked to replace the glass in the worst of the Hall windows, not the kitchen windows, in 2018 during Nursery School holidays.

Plans for the Saturday Night Fever party on February 10th 2018 were discussed as well as plans for the AGM and Curry Night in April and the Dawn Chorus Walk in early May.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 20 October 2017

The Harvest Supper on 16th September was well supported. Detailed plans were made for the next event which is the Film Night and Whisky Tasting on 11th November. The idea of a Talent Show was discussed and pencilled in for some time around Christmas 2018.

It was agreed that the lighting in the Hall should be updated. The strip lights will be replaced by modern ones and three new chandeliers hung along the centre of the room. The chandeliers will have independent dimmer switches to provide flexibility.

Summary of the Committee meeting held on 22 August 2017

The Barbeque was a great success despite poor weather. The Annual Cleaning of the Hall was completed including a small amount of outside work.

The Accounts for 2016 are with the independent examiner. The Accounts to end June 2017 were circulated along with a three year financial plan which shows a likely surplus of £3,000 per year which can be put in the Long Term Building Fund. The Three Year Plan was approved and suitable investment funds are to be identified for the Long Term Building Fund.

Detailed plans were made for the Harvest Supper on 16th September and initial plans for a Film Night - Whisky Galore – and whisky tasting  on 11th November.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 10 July 2017

The Nursey has signed the Licence for the academic year 2017/2018.

The Health and Safety policy was reviewed and some small updates agreed. A padlock has been put on the step ladder.
The Annual Cleaning of the Hall is planned for the week of 13th August.
Aura Commercial’s quotation for additional, more flexible lighting in the main Hall was discussed. It was decided to go ahead once details are finalised.   

A piano has been gifted to the Hall. This will reside in the storage area with the tables and chairs and be rolled out into the Hall as required. It needs to be tuned.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 5 May 2017

The AGM and Social was well attended as was the very successful Battle of Cheriton Walk.

Four new people had joined the Committee at the AGM and two people had stood down. The Procedures File was circulated to the new members to aid their orientation.

The budget for 2017 was approved by the Committee. The Nursery Licence fee for the 2017/2018 academic year was agreed.

Plans were made for the Barbeque on 23rd July. Film nights are to be booked with Moviola for November and January and a February Night Fever party is planned for 2018.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 22 March 2017

A diary has been set up to help ensure all procedures are regularly reviewed and updated.

The emergency lights have been checked/repaired/replaced and are all now working.
The annual inspection of the fire extinguishers has been completed. The Hall floor has had two coats of varnish. The mole situation has been much improved.

The Film night and Quiz were both well attended.
Local expert John Seal has agreed to be guide on the Battle of Cheriton walk on Saturday 29th April.

The Accounts for the year ending December 2016 were approved by the Committee and will be presented at the AGM. Detailed plans were made for the AGM and Social on 5th April.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 15 February 2017

The newly repaired floor patches have been re-varnished and the wall around the hatch repainted.

The process of taking bookings and producing invoices was discussed along with other details in preparation for handing over to a new Bookings Secretary.

A date for the next Risk Assessment will be identified.

Maintenance was planned for half term: further varnishing of floor, checking emergency lighting, eradicating moles and putting a wheel on the gate.  The septic tank and soakaway will be checked.

Detailed plans were made for the forthcoming film night and quiz night. 
Future events including the AGM, Battle of Cheriton Walk, BBQ, Harvest Supper and February Party were discussed.

Concerns raised by Nursery school were discussed.   Possible solutions will be investigated: motion lights and push down taps.   The new Licence Agreement will remain unchanged from the current one, except for Licence Fee and Licence Period.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 13 January 2017

Guide to being Chairman will be circulated by Teresa to committee members.
Teresa has a Macro card that can be used by the committee for event purchases
Gutters have been cleared, and leaves removed from car park and grass
Floor repairs have been carried out by Steven Rozario and gutter leak repaired.
Toilet vents have been replaced.
Wheel on the gate and cooker cover are still outstanding.
The floor repair patches will be varnished and the wall around hatch repainted next weekend.  The emergency light batteries will be drained down too for maintenance.

Draft accounts for 2016 were presented by the Treasurer.   They revealed a surplus of £3869 for the year.
Investment options will be researched for the money in the Long Term Building Fund.

The new yoga class is very well attended and the hall will need to be completely cleared for the numbers of people coming.  Nursery will be advised.

Detailed plans for the forthcoming Curry Night were discussed
Future events were discussed, including Quiz night in March, AGM and walk in April

The bookings secretary will step down at the AGM.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 22 November 2016

The search for a Vice Chairman is ongoing.
The necessary information for feedback form to EHDC for the cooker grant has been collected and the form will be completed and returned.
Details from Call Flo about the broadband equipment have been filed.
The invoice has been paid for the work to the porch floor and the entrance tarmac – and thanks has been sent for the anonymous donation which covered these costs.
A quote has been received for repairs to the wooden floor in the hall.  This work is scheduled for the Christmas holidays.
The cooker cover, wheel on the gate, and extractor vent repairs are all in hand.

The business rates applicable to the hall depend on the size of the hall.   The exact size of the hall will be checked to see if we are below the minimum.
Insurance policies will be checked to see if money can be saved by consolidating Buildings insurance with Trustee Indemnity insurance.
The Nursery Licence Fee has not been paid in full for the Autumn term.

Nursery has queried the display of an electrical certificate.   This will be checked.
Kate has requested that hall bookings are communicated to Maggie rather than Kate herself.
Nursery PAT testing has been carried out.
A new regular yoga class will be starting in December.   The hall will need to be cleared for this.

The possible argentine tango classes will not be going ahead.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 6 October 2016

The status of receipt/payment of invoices, receipts for expenses and refunds owing for work recently carried out at the hall was reviewed, and actions allocated. 
Repairs to the extractor outlet and the need for a wheel on the gate were identified.
Steven Rozario will be approached regarding repairs to the hall floor and the leaking gutter joint.
The new electric cooker has been installed by an electrician.
A full test of the hall electrics had been carried out by the electrician and a report produced. The overall assessment was Satisfactory.   Points raised were discussed and noted.
The PVH Child Protection Policy was discussed and a clause will be added to the Hall Hire Agreement about the need to check DBS certificate of any organised groups involving young/vulnerable people.

Arrangements were finalised for the forthcoming film night.  
Outline plans were made for Wreath-making in December, Curry Night in January, Quiz night in March and AGM and Battle of Cheriton Walk in April.
The possibility of a summer ball will be investigated.

PAT Testing has been arranged for hall items on 14 October. Nursery has not confirmed whether their items will be tested at the same time.

A list of kitchen equipment required was made and will be purchased when the opportunity arises.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 30 August 2016

A review of cleaning materials is in hand
Finding a Vice Chairman is a work in progress
A donation of £400 has been received from the Froxfield Fete
New cupboard doors have been fitted to shelves in the kitchen.   Thanks will be passed on to Nigel for doing this.
Some minor outstanding jobs remain after the big spring clean.

The new cooker has been delivered but an electrician is required before installation will take place.   This will be arranged.
Call Flo will be contacted about the (broadband) cables which have been installed around the hall grounds to find out possible impact upon hall.
The work to the porch floor and car park entrance has been completed.
Repairs to the hall floor have yet to be arranged.
Estimates for the cost of road signs to the hall were reviewed and deemed too expensive.

Half year accounts were circulated.   Excess over expenditure was £2384.  £1500 was transferred to the building fund.
The cost of obtaining an annual premises licence for selling alcohol at the hall was considered against the cost of the obtaining individual event licences, and was deemed unnecessary.

Detailed arrangements were made for the Harvest Supper
Outline plans were discussed for October Movie Night, wreath-making and a walk around Cheriton next year.  Other possible events were also considered.

The annual website fee has been paid.

PAT Testing has been arranged for October.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 7 June 2016

Arrangements will be made to paint the hall sign to make it more obvious.

A meeting will be arranged with Kate Allen of Froxfield village hall to discuss film nights once the new list is available.

The Nursery Licence Agreement has been signed.

Cleaning items will be reviewed and restocked

Enquiries will be made about a possible cleaner being available for hirers of the hall.

The quiz night was very successful and made a profit of £550

The website has been updated with new hire charges.

A Vice Chairman will need to be found as Teresa would like to step back from the role of Chairman next year.

Detailed plans were made for the summer bbq.

Ideas were discussed around a Battle of Cheriton walk

Outline plans for harvest supper and other possible events were discussed.

Possibility of an annual Premises Licence instead of individual bar licence will be looked into.

A new cooker was decided upon. Grant funding will be applied for.

Plans for an annual spring clean were made: nursery will be reminded about the need to completely clear the kitchen for reorganising following installation of new cooker.

Quotes for work to the porch floor and tarmac by the entrance gate were discussed and a decision to appoint a contractor for both was made.

The need to fund-raise for both ongoing maintenance and for the future was discussed.

During the school holidays it is hoped that further repairs to the hall floor can be made.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 28 April 2016

New member Helen Phillips was welcomed.
Election of a vice-chairman will go on the agenda for next meeting.
The Parish Council will be approached about funding for a village hall sign.
The existing sign will be painted.

The minutes and matters arising from the recent co-op meeting with the nursery school were discussed.  It was agreed that the day rate as offered on the proposed new Licence Agreement should remain, as should the format of the Licence Agreement.
A reminder will be sent to Kate about safety clips for the cupboard covers.
Cleaning products will be refreshed and kept up to date.
The nursery school banner will need to be removed for certain occasions upon request.

Detailed plans for the forthcoming quiz were discussed.
Suggestions and outline plans for future events were discussed.

Hall hire charges had not been updated since 2011 and new rates of £10 per hour for locals, £12 per hour for others and a £15 per hour corporate rate were agreed.

Plans for updating the hall cooker were discussed and actions allocated.
Plans for a spring clean in July were discussed as well as the possibility of hiring a professional cleaner periodically.

A comparison of the various quotes for repairing the porch floor will be drawn up as redoing the whole floor appears too expensive.
Further quotes for repairing the car park entrance with tarmac will be sought.

The question of left-over food and drink at functions was discussed.  It was agreed that it may be possible to auction it in some circumstances but that otherwise it could be distributed amongst those who made donations.  In general people should be encouraged to claim for and donate back the cost of providing food so Gift Aid and Matched Funding could be maximised.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 7 Apirl 2016

New committee member Cameron Fidler was welcomed.  Apologies from other new member Helen Phillips were received.

One more porch floor repair quotations is awaited.
The driveway repairs are still outstanding
The grass has been cut by the new gardener
Two copies of a Licence Agreement for 2016/17 have been delivered to Kate with a letter.
A donation has been sent to Friends of the Naval Museum for help with the Battle of Jutland talk.
A date for the co-op meeting with the nursery school has yet to be set and an agenda will be prepared.

Detailed arrangements for the Shakespeare and St George’s Day feast were discussed and the quiz in May briefly outlined.

Updates to the Hall Hire Agreement were discussed and agreed.  Rates of hire will be discussed at next meeting.

Next steps in purchase of new cooker will be looked into.
Better signage for the village hall will be investigated.
Film nights will be discussed with Froxfield to see what their plans would be.

It was agreed that there would be no charge for use of the hall for funeral gatherings for local residents who have been associated with the hall.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 17 March 2016

Two quotes are being prepared for repairs to the porch floor.  Matthew has agreed to do temporary repairs to car park entrance.
A music licence has been obtained.
The new fridge has been installed.

Revisions to the Licence to be offered to Nursery were agreed.  This will be forwarded to Kate with associated letter.

A replacement for Ray Nelson has been found for regular mowing around hall.

Detailed plans for the WWI talk were agreed.
Notices advertising the AGM have been posted.  Matthew Povey to step down from the committee at the AGM.
Two potential committee members will be contacted.
Further plans for the Shakespeare and St Georges Day Feast were discussed, as well as outline plans for Quiz and Barbeque.

The future of film nights was discussed along with plans to join with Froxfield Village Hall for a joint programme.

Draft final accounts for 2015 were circulated and with one amendment will be sent for independent examination.

Stephen Rozario had worked on the downpipe and cleared debris.  The gutters need to be cleared more often in future.
He had also repaired one of the cracked floorboards and no more work will be carried out until the success of the sample repair was known.
He will be asked to apply silicone to the outside windows, replace the bolt on the sliding doors and quote for the porch.

Some people had had difficulty finding the hall due to the dominance of the Montessori sign and the discrete nature of the village hall sign.  Other signage options will be gathered.

A nursery Co-op meeting needs to be arranged.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 18 February 2016

Further information is still needed on potential repairs to the porch concrete and music licences. 
Kate will be advised about safety catches for the shelf covers.
The soakaway has been checked and appears to be working well.  The grants for the soakaway have been received.   Thanks will be sent to Vaughan Clark and Nick Drew for their help.
Matthew Povey will do some repairs to the car park potholes.
Checks will be made with Land Registry as to who is responsible for the surface of the layby and land between the road and the village hall entrance gate.
Froxfield Village Hall will be approached about sharing the showing of films via Moviola.   Enquiries will be made about the possibility of showing kids’ films.
Stephen Rozario will be asked to look at/quote for overflowing gutter, splits in floorboards, damp patch by first window, porch floor, broken bolt on folding door.

The Financial Report, Draft Accounts and Budget Comparison for the year to 31 December 2015 were circulated and discussed.  They will be passed on for independent examination.

A new licence for the nursery school was discussed along with factors effecting the licence fee.

A replacement will need to be found for Ray Nelson.   Potential mowers and strimmers will be sought.  Hall cleaning will be done by the committee members.  There will be a major clear out of cupboards in the summer.  Nursery items will need to be removed.

The Privett Village Hall website domain name has been secured for the next 9 years.

Future events were discussed: World War 1 talk, AGM and Shakespeare Feast.

A draft risk assessment document was circulated and discussed.  Amendments were suggested.  No immediate high priority actions had been identified.

£350 is available for a new fridge and will be ordered without further delay.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 9 January 2016

Further action is still needed on the repairs to the concrete under the porch and finding out about music licences.

PVH committee had been contacted by East Hants Environmental Health about food preparation for PVH events.  The Environmental Health representative confirmed that as food is not provided regularly and is prepared off site, then no further action is necessary.

The existing Hall Hire Agreement with accompanying instructions will be circulated to committee members for discussion at the next meeting.

Gutters had been cleared.  Steven Rozario will be consulted about issues with the gutter/downpipe joint.

A date has been set for the next Risk Assessment.

Enquiries will be made into the possibility of providing computer training for small groups in the village.

Trees and fence have been tidied in the area near the wendy house.

Images of suitable safety catches will be sent to Nursery which should be used on the shelf covers.

The first film night was attended by 39 people and there were 12 people at wreath-making.

The new soakaway had been installed by 5th January, although making good will be completed later in Spring when ground conditions are more favourable.

PVH representatives had attended the Parish Council meeting where Council agreed to a grant of £1000 and County Councillor Vaughan Clarke agreed to a grant of £500.  This was in addition to District Councillor Nick Drew’s grant of £500.

The poor condition of the driveway and layby outside the hall was discussed.  HCC had repaired some potholes at the edge of the layby, though not all.  Advice had been received that repairs to tarmac would be better carried out in drier conditions.   Possible patching up will be sought in the meantime.

Detailed plans for the forthcoming film and curry night were made.

Froxfield Village Hall will be approached to see if they wish to share film nights with Privett.

Outline plans were discussed for several future events.

Next steps in Kitchen refurbishment were considered.  Further information needs to be gathered.

Stephen Rozario will be consulted about the cracks in the hall floor.

An Oak tree had been planted in the hall grounds (south west edge)  in memory of John Kindler.

Summary of the special Committee Meeting held on 16 December 2015

This meeting was called due to the failure of the soakaway.

First draft accounts to the end of year 31 December 2015 were circulated.  These show there to be approximately £9000 in PVH funds: £2000 in the building fund and £7000 I the general fund.  Of this, 9 months of running costs should be kept in reserve ie £3750.

The business plan needs to be updated to reflect this.

Four different quotes had been received for replacing the soakaway.  The various costs and approaches were discussed and Chris Budd was chosen to carry out the work for the following reasons:- He has good local knowledge of the ground and soil conditions, he comes with the recommendation of the Parish Council, he has appropriate equipment and a flexible approach depending on what he finds when he starts to dig.  He did not propose to use crates which would not be suitable for foul water.  His costs and payment terms were best.

A reference will be sought from Hawkley Village Hall.   A starting date of 4th January will be arranged, and some other minor details checked.

Grants promised by District Councillor Nick Drew and the Parish Council will be formally applied for.

Arrangements will be made to empty the septic tank in preparation for the work.

Quotes and advice that had been received for tarmacking the driveway were discussed and this work will not be undertaken at the present time.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 13 November 2015

Further action is still needed on:-  the repairs to the concrete under the porch, finding out about liquor and music licences and obtaining quotes for kitchen refurbishment.
The broken fence around the septic tank manholes has been secured.
A risk assessment will be planned for the Christmas holidays.

Arts and Crafts sessions have started.  More have been planned
Investigations will be made into the possibility of providing some basic computer training.

Plans for January and February Movie nights were made, and also arrangements for Wreath making on 5 December.

Matters raised by Nursery School were discussed. These included the necessity for safety catches on the shelf covers that Nursery have installed, and problems with some of the floorboards.  The possibility of allowing Nursery to install permanent play equipment and a concrete based shed in the future were discussed but ruled out due to issues of responsibility and insurance.

Dates were discussed for gutter clearing around end November.
Quotes for tarmac the potholes in the driveway were reviewed. 

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 7 October 2015  

The septic tank had been emptied, the PAT testing had been carried out and mole deterrents were operating.
An oak tree will be planted in memory of John Kindler in the winter.
Quotes for digging out and replacing some of the porch concrete will be obtained.
The need for music licences at the hall is being considered.  Nursery will be consulted about their use of music.
The Hire Agreement needs to be modified for when a hirer needs a liquor licence.

A finance report was given showing profits from the Harvest Supper and the summer bbq.
A new electricity supply contract has been agreed.
The gutters need clearing.  Equipment and volunteers will be sought.

Festoon lights have been installed for low lighting option during evening events.  The current strip lighting will be sufficient for the present. 

New cooker and fridge options were considered, along with possible general kitchen rearrangement and refurbishment.  Quotes will be obtained.

Future events were discussed with detailed plans for the first movie night o 28th November.  A Christmas wreath-making morning, a second movie night, a naval themed world war 1 talk and a Shakespeare themed event were also considered.  The first two arts and craft sessions will be taking place in October.
In ‘any other business’, Kate has raised the problem of some broken fencing and encroaching trees near the wendy house.
Progress with Kate’s new shelves was discussed
There is a need to talk to Kate about risks, accidents and her DBS certificate.
Potholes in the driveway were considered and quotes will be obtained.

A new risk assessment will be carried out.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 12 August 2015

Julia reported that she had spoken to Kate about her DBS certificate and that although we have seen it, we need to record the number. Nursery school accidents need to be reported to the Committee when hall fittings and fixtures are involved. Approval had been given to Kate to replace the book cases currently attached to the side wall with similar sized ones, but all other book cases must be removed when the hall is cleared. There may be a need for another co-operation meeting to follow up.

Acknowledgement had been received from the House of Commons for our support of the campaign about VAT on village hall maintenance.

More than 60 people had attended the recent barbecue.

The annual spring clean of the hall had been carried out.

Arrangements to empty the septic tank will be made

Further options for resurfacing the porch floor will be looked at, along with funding for same.

Proposals for planting a tree at the hall in memory of John Kindler were discussed.

Mole deterrents need to be reinstalled.

Further information on hall lighting and kitchen refurbishments were discussed. Information gathering on options for these is ongoing.

Requirements for Music Licence needs to be researched.

Current Hire Agreement needs to include information about bar licences.

Future events were discussed: particularly for the forthcoming Harvest Supper.

Ideas for trial Moviola film nights were discussed. This will be progressed.

A date for the Naval themed world war I talk was proposed.

The charity commission report had been sent off

The web hosting fee had been paid.

A report of recent booking activity at the hall was made.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 25 June 2015

The barn dance had been enjoyed by those who came: thanks would be sent to the band.

Practices around booking the hall, checking hirers would be safe and accident reporting were discussed.  There is a need to check that the nursery school’s own accident reporting system connects with the village hall’s.

The nursery school’s request to install fixed shelving in the hall was discussed and a decision will be reported back to Kate.

The treasurer presented figures for the 3 year business plan.  An annual surplus of £2000 was forecast of which half would be allocated to long-term building fund and half could be used for current refurbishment projects.
There is a need to keep track of donations, including donations in kind and an
expense claim/donation form will be circulated for this purpose.

Further thoughts on lighting and kitchen improvements were discussed with actions for seeking further information allocated.

Detailed plans for the forthcoming barbecue were discussed, as well as a brief outline of possible future events.

A letter of support for a campaign to scrap the VAT which is paid by fundraising volunteers on the cost of improvements of community buildings would be sent.

Arrangements for the annual clean of the hall, and PAT testing will be made.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 21 May 2015

The lock on the cupboard door in gents’ loo has been replaced
A review will be made of the procedures outlined in the Vulnerable Adult and Child Protection Policy
The septic tank will be checked to see if emptying is necessary
Further questions will be asked about repairing the concrete under the porch.

A financial report was circulated.  Events so far in 2015 had raised £1393.31.

Detailed plans for the Barn Dance were discussed.

The hall will be used for a new Fitness Class on Thursday evenings. Arrangements for clearing the hall are being discussed with Kate.

Information on the rates charged by other halls for hiring was shared and discussed.  The current rates charged by PVH do not appear to be out of line with other halls.  The current policy on cancellation fees and deposit-taking will not be changed at present.
Booking rates will be reviewed annually.  Particular attention will be paid to the heating costs incurred for short bookings in winter to check costs are covered.

Some of the wording in the Licence Agreement is unsatisfactory around the timings for signing the Licence.  Revised wording will be drafted for use alongside any future Licence Agreement.

Future events were proposed and discussed.
The accident book was checked: no reported accidents.

Lighting and Kitchen Redesign will be the focus of the next meeting.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 29 April 2015

Matthew Povey was co-opted onto the committee and welcomed with other new committee member Pam Underwood.

Pam volunteered to be the nominated person to whom child protection concerns should be reported.
Maintenance issues were discussed: molehills, firedoors, concrete area under porch and septic tank emptying.
The accident book and accident reporting were discussed.

An enquiry about a regular booking for a fitness class had been received.  The implications of this were discussed, and a need for further discussion on hiring rates and the possibility of taking a deposit was identified.

The status of the Licence Agreement for use of hall by Nursery school was discussed and actions agreed.

Plans for new lighting were progressed.

Arrangements for the forthcoming Barn Dance were discussed, along with future events including the barbecue.

The possibility of a regular arts and crafts session was raised.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 15 March 2015

Volunteers had been found to join the committee.  The need for a new nominated person to whom vulnerable adult and child protection concerns should be reported was discussed.
A co-operation meeting with nursery school had been held.

Maintenance issues including the new fire doors, mole hills and holes in the concrete under the porch were discussed, as well as thoughts on improvements to lighting and kitchen.

Final accounts to end December 2014 were presented and will be forwarded to independent examiner.  The present financial situation was discussed and it was agreed that in addition to raising money for planned improvements there is a need to start accumulating a new Building Fund for major future projects.

The current Nursery school licence terms were reviewed, and the increase in fee for a new licence discussed.

Matters arising from the meeting with nursery school were discussed and results will be fed back to Kate.

Arrangements for the forthcoming Spring walk were discussed

A draft of the new business plan was presented.   Updated financial figures are required.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 12 February 2015  

It was noted that some repairs to the building had been carried out: mouse holes blocked and disabled toilet fan replaced.
The fire doors have been replaced, but some adjustment is necessary prior to paying the invoice.
Mole deterrents need to be installed.

New members for the committee are still needed.
Further enquiries into the possiblitity of updating the constitution will be made. 

The draft accounts were circulated and approved for forwarding to the independent examiner.
The curry night had been well attended and raised £730 to go towards next improvements.  These are likely to be in the kitchen.

Detailed plans for the forthcoming quiz were discussed, as well as an outline plans for future events.

It was noted that a new Licence Agreement will be needed for the nursery school in April.  Fees and terms will need to be considered.
The PVH Business Plan needs updating.
A means of recording donations still needs to be agreed.
A co-op meeting with the nursery school will be arranged.
The Committee will control the items posted on the PVH notice board in the lobby.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 15 January 2015

It was noted that the website had been altered, various small maintenance jobs had been carried out in the hall, including work on the fridge, and a working party had pruned the boundary hedge and cleared the gutters.

A grant from EHDC had been received for the new fire doors. 
Problems had been reported on the disabled toilet light/fan and will be attended to.

Final arrangements for the Curry Night were discussed and future events outlined, including quiz, spring walk with AGM, and Barn Dance.

A list of people to approach about joining the Committee was made. 

The status of bookings enquiries was reported.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 4 December 2014

A grant towards the cost of new fire doors has been approved by EHDC.  Arrangements will be made for this work to be done.
Layout of the website will be reviewed
Maintenance had been carried out in the toilets, and a new fire alarm installed.  Further work in the kitchen was identified.

Finances were reviewed.  A donation of £200 had been received from Froxrocks event and a Gift Aid donation for £1342 has been submitted.  Most recent electricity costs were lower than the previous year which is an indication of the benefit of improved insulation at the hall.  Monthly electricity usage will be recorded.

The outcome of the co-operation meeting with the nursery school were discussed and actions allocated.

Arrangements for wreath-making and other future events were discussed and actions allocated. (Quiz, Barn Dance, Spring Walk with AGM)

Further investigations will be made as to how to record expense claims and donations for Gift Aid.
An advert will be placed in the Parish Magazine to encourage nominations for new Committee members.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 18 September 2014

Investigations will be made into possible changes to the constitution which may have been made in 1993.
A comparison of electricity usage will be made between the year before the refurbishment and the year since.
Changes to the website were discussed.

The application for funding towards new fire doors will be discussed at the EHDC meeting on 25 September.  Julia will attend the meeting.

Recent maintenance work at the hall was reviewed.  The gutters had been cleared, some low cost repairs had been made to the entrance and drive,  the lobby and end wall of hall had been redecorated, and the floor had been sanded and varnished.  A number of other jobs were identified and will be attended to.

PAT Testing had been carried out on 3 September.

Detailed plans for the Harvest Supper were discussed and a timetable for future events was outlined.

A mechanism for recording donations was discussed so that match-funding in the future is more straightforward.  A form will be produced.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 23 July 2014

Engineers drawings for the extension had been sent to EHDC which has discharged the outstanding conditions.
An application has been submitted to EHDC for a grant for replacing the fire doors.  This will be discussed at a cabinet meeting on 25 September.

Enquiries will be made as to the necessity for updating the village hall’s constitution.
At least £1000 can be claimed as Gift Aid associated with the auction in 2013.

Summer cleaning of the hall, and gutter clearing will be arranged.
Plans for sanding the floor and painting were discussed.
Representatives from the Parish Council are looking into the need for driveway repairs.
Feedback was given to the committee following a meeting with nursery school.  Kate’s proposals, comments and questions were discussed.

Half year accounts to the end of June were distributed.  It was noted that there were sufficient funds in reserve to allow for the cost of decorating  materials.

Completion of the HCC Evaluation form was discussed.  This will be completed and returned to HCC.

Plans for the Anniversary Dinner on 30 August were discussed and an outline of possible future events considered.

Thanks were to be passed to Elliot for all his work on the village hall website.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 2 July 2014

A thank you card had been received from Kate and nursery school parents and was well received.  Accounts have been passed to independent examiner.  Engineer will be chased for awaited calculations.  The PVH Business Plan will be updated.  Nick Drew (EHDC) has been approached re possible funding for the new fire doors.  Stephen Rozario will be contacted to adjust the new internal door.  Enquiries are being made about repairing the drive entrance.

Discussions took place to plan the decorating and floor sanding during the summer, and how this will fit with the annual spring clean.

Final preparations were made for the forthcoming barbecue.
Further thoughts and plans for the Dinner and Dance were discussed, along with initial thoughts on the Harvest Supper.

A request to site an Air Ambulance recycling bin at the hall was considered.

Date for co-operation meeting with nursery needs to be fixed.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 28 May 2014

The building work had been completed on time and to budget.  It was confirmed that the new licence had been signed for the Nursery School.  The engineer’s calculations are still needed for the building inspector.

There had been modest profits from the Spring walk and the World War I evening.  The Treasurer circulated draft accounts for the year to December 2013.   These will need independent examination.  Some aspects of the Constitution are no longer relevant and advice will be sought for a possible update.

There was some discussion about maintenance and cleaning at the hall during the summer.  The floor will be sanded and some decoration of the lobby will be carried out.   Future work and priorities were discussed prior to updating the 3-year Business Plan.

Requests by those who want to use the car park (only)  will be considered at short notice, but not so far in advance that hall bookings may be lost.

Further arrangements for the barbecue, Anniversary Dinner Dance and Harvest Supper were made.

Summary of the Committee Meeting of 24 April 2014

A draft of the new Licence for the nursery school had been sent to Kate and her comments received.  These were discussed and amendments will be made before returning to Kate for signature.  A co-operation meeting will be arranged with Kate to discuss practical arrangements for making best use of the newly extended hall.

The status of building work and the associated costs were discussed, and the latest financial statement indicates that there are sufficient funds to make the final payment to the builder.  Final information and invoices are still awaited from structural engineer.  The future of the stage was considered.

Final arrangements for the Spring Walk and the WWI evening were made and responsibilities allocated.  Future fundraising events including a 50th anniversary dinner dance and the harvest supper were discussed.

Communication from electricity supplier had been received and a compensation claim will be made.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 26 March 2014

A fire safety check had been arranged for 28 March 2014.   The £25,000 funding from Hampshire County Council should arrive in the PVH bank account this week.  Barry Brown had agreed to project manage the current phase of building work.

Points arising from meeting with Nursery School to discuss Licence renewal were discussed and a way forward agreed.  Legal advice will be sought.  A further meeting to discuss fostering of relations between the community and the nursery school would be arranged.

The financial situation was assessed with invoices for building work due. A shortfall of approximately £1,500 is expected.

Quotes had been received for replacement and repair of the fire exit doors.  A decision was put off due to lack of funds currently available.

Progress on current building work was discussed with actions assigned.

Arrangements for the walk on 3 May and WWI talk on 9 May were discussed.  A date was set for the family barbecue in July and initial ideas for a harvest supper and big dinner dance put forward with a view to fundraising.

Summary of the AGM held on 15 March 2014

There were 13 present at the meeting.  Apologies were received from 6.

The Chairman welcomed everyone and thanked them for their support.

The Treasurer circulated draft accounts for the year ended 31 December 2013 and highlighted the spending on the new roof and the remaining available funds for phase 2 of the renovations.  Events that had helped with fundraising were mentioned; particularly the auction.

In her report, the Chairman again mentioned the numerous well-supported events and improvements made to the hall.  Votes of thanks were given to various people who had given generously of their time to help.  She also reported that there were now a number of policies in place which would be kept up to date from now on.

Resignations from the committee were accepted, with thanks given for contributions made.  Two new committee members were proposed and seconded.

Officers were elected with no change to the present committee.

Future events that are being organised by the Committee were highlighted, and a suggestion made that other members of the community would be welcome to organise events for the benefit of the community with help from the Committee if required.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 15 March 2014

The Fire Safety Check will be carried out this month.  Documents have been sent to HCC to enable payment of the grant.  An interest free loan has been agreed to cover the deficit in the building costs.  A representative of Wessex Windows is coming to see if the fire doors can be repaired.

Notes for the meeting with Kate about the nursery school were discussed as was the letter from Kate about the RPI increase.

The start of building work was considered as were the steps being taken to meet the requirement for further calculations for Building Regulations.  The vicar is to help with removal of the bees in the end wall.  Barry will be asked to help with project management.

Further details for the Spring Walk were agreed and the format for the World War 1 evening was discussed; as well as having local experts to give a talk, attendees are to be encouraged to participate.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 5 March 2014

Permission has been granted for carrying out work to trees on the boundaries.
Thank you letters for donations are still a work in progress.

The forthcoming AGM was discussed along with committee resignations and possible new members.  Current PVH policies and documents will be reviewed prior to the AGM.  Some documents may need updating after the building work has been completed.  Draft accounts were considered.

Invoices and other documents to be gathered and sent to HCC for payment of the grant.

Final practical arrangements were discussed for the start of building work on 10 March. 

The terms of the Nursery School Licence were discussed, along with information which has been gathered about rates charged to nurseries at other village halls.

Ideas for future events were tabled, and the Spring Walk which will be next was discussed.  The idea of a World War 1 evening was progressed.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 10 February 2014

‘Matters arising’ were discussed.  An application for permission to carry out tree work has been submitted.  A folder to keep copies of various village hall policies and other administrative paperwork is to be added to.  The canapé-making demonstration had been a success and raised £180.

Detailed plans for the forthcoming quiz were discussed and jobs allocated.

The Treasurer presented draft accounts to end December 2013.  When the £25,000 grant from HCC is included, there is approximately £58,000 available for the second phase of the renovation.

The latest quote from the builder was discussed.  The proposed work is estimated to cost £63,000.   Although there is some scope for reducing costs, a loan may be required.  Actions were agreed regarding further information on lighting, cladding and the fire doors.

A draft letter to nursery school parents was discussed and approved by the committee and will be taken to Kate for nursery approval.

The existing licence agreement with the nursery school was discussed, and some potential minor amendments agreed.   The nursery school will be visited to discuss the letter to parents, clearing the sheds prior to building work, and requesting an opportunity to discuss the licence agreement.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 11 January 2014

An inspection of the trees around the boundaries was carried out.  A plan for cutting back was agreed.  John Kindler will hopefully be willing to submit application for permission to carry out this work.  A working party to remove brambles etc will be organised in the spring.

‘No Smoking’ signs have been put up as required.   Draft versions of the Health and Safety Policy and Risk Assessment for the hall were reviewed and minor adjustments agreed.

The accident involving a falling display screen was discussed and actions agreed including repositioning of screens when not in use.  Use of the accident book to be reviewed, and update of First Aid kit to be carried out.  Hall Instructions to be updated including health and safety advice.

Updated estimates for the cost of Phase 2 of the building work were reviewed and steps to reduce costs agreed.  Not all of the work will be able to done in this phase: some will have to wait for additional funds to be raised in future.

Final plans were made for the forthcoming Canape Preparation Demonstration, and initial plans for the quiz in February were discussed.

Summary of the Committee Meeting held on 4 December 2013

‘Matters arising’ were discussed.  The hall was confirmed to be within the Privett conservation area, and approval for any work on the trees will need to be sought.  Competitive quotes will be obtained before renewing the village hall insurance policy.   The need for No Smoking signs is to be checked.  A draft Health and Safety Policy has been produced and this will be reviewed and discussed along with up-dated Risk Assessment at the next meeting.

The Treasurer gave an update on the financial situation, and a realistic figure was given for funds available for the second phase of the renovation.  Thought will be given to the upcoming renewal of the licence agreement with the nursery school.

The schedule of work for the extension was discussed and updates sent to Stephen Rozario.

Further actions on tree pruning were agreed.

Future events were discussed and final arrangements made for the imminent wreath-making morning.

Thought will be given to the recruitment of new committee members.

The committee need to rally support for a potential source of fundraising from the Alton Herald.  Voting is necessary.